Is history boring?

Sunset seen from the Citadel in Cairo

The past of mankind seems to hold many mysteries.
For example:

These and more questions are asked by popular authors today. But the answers fromm "school"science seem to be very thin - and boring. At least, thats what I thought at school. The reason was our history course. In two hours we went from the first prehistoric man to the end of the Stone Age, for Egypt and Mesopotamia we had only slightly more time. Ancient Greece and Rome were the main topic of the rest of the year. But the focus was not the culture, its achievements and arts, but only wars and battles. To get good grades you had to know who fought when against whoom with how many soldiers. And to get better grades it was helpful if you had memorized also how many dead and wounded were recorded on both sides.

The questions I listed above were not part of our lessons, although they were asked by many people during the last century. Many teacher even regarded it as "disturbance" when someone asked such questions - I was thrown out of class when I asked pertinaciously for the reason of the Egyptians to build such large pyramids and temples and wasn't convinced by the schoolbook explanations.
But maybe this is only because the teachers themselves do not know the answers. Looking through a '2000 edition of a school history book I found in it "knowledge" outdated for almost 100 years now. Even the age old legend of the hundreds of thousands of slaves working on the Great Pyramide could be found in it.

Several researchers have come to some simple answers for these questions: Gods - in the form of alien visitors from outer space or as missionaries from now sunken former civilisations - brought the neccessary knowledge to the people. And helped to do thing which are impossible with the primitive technology of our forefathers. Because history as thought at school is wrong!

But do these answers make sense? Can they really explain everything better than traditional science? I will investigate this on the following pages.

Years ago people believing in such controversial new ides were regarded by scientists as isolated nutcases. This has changed now, taking the number of sold books about these topics into account their supportors have the majority today. No wonder looking at the deficits of scholary history education. Most fascinating there are two controversial theories existing peacefully side by side:

There is no clear border between these two subjects, and so we find in many books of secondary authors and on the internet a pretty mixup of occupied LC pyramids and hand helping aliens.
This page looks into some topics from both sides, like:

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